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Do you have a salsa band?
Have you already produced a CD
but don't have the financial backing of a large record label?
We are now accepting CDs for consideration
of a review from Rising Star salsa artist Rising Star Rising Star salsa artist salsa bands!
We want to help salsa grow around the world, so we will be reviewing CDs from new salsa bands that don't have the distribution system or backing of a mega-label.
If that describes your band, send 2 copies of your finished CD
along with any biographical material to:, Inc.
2269 So. University Drive, Suite 155
Davie, Florida 33324

There is no guarantee that we will review your CD. We are not here to crush anyone's career. If we don't like it, we won't review it, and it will either sink or swim on its own. If we like it, we will review it and help you get international exposure! Rising Star CD reviews will be indicated with a Rising Star salsa artist

CD reviews on SalsaPower

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